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Barry Rapp, PAg (Agronomy Manager) has spent his career working directly with growers. He spent the first part of his career with the Provincial Agriculture Department as an Ag Rep/Extension Agrologist in Yorkton, Tisdale, Kindersley and Regina. For the last 10 years he has worked in the agriculture retail industry providing agronomy services to both the business and farm customers. Barry is an advocate of supplementing research information from research institutions with local trials and projects and using that information to formulate local solutions to local issues. He is also a firm believer in the value of networking and gathering ideas and opinions across the industry. Currently he is a member of the Provincial Fertility Committee and the Hail Insurance Council of Saskatchewan, is a past Director of the Indian Head Applied Research Foundation and is an executive Branch Member with the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists.

Troy McInnis, PAg, CCA (Agronomy Manager), over the first 20 years of his career, has experience across many disciplines and sectors of agriculture; directly with growers as an agronomist, product development as a researcher and sales and marketing as a canola-seed and fertilizer merchant. This gives Troy a unique perspective, allowing him to break down agronomy, marketing and research in a way that ensures our customers understand the “what and the why” of the products they use. Troy takes great pride in making sure the grower understands his/her options and the reasons why they are using a product in any given situation. Troy is a Professional Agrologist (PAg), an executive with the local branch of the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists (SIA), a certified crop advisor (CCA) and a current member on the Soil Fertility Sub-council committee.

  • seed-quality-testingRecognizing that each farm business is unique and has varying resource, Prairie Plains Agro delivers a flexible, in-field, fee-based agronomy service. This flexibility allows the individual farm business to identify and determine the supplemental agronomy service it requires rather than trying to find a service that fits their needs. No pre-determined agronomy packages. No minimum acre sign up. Rather a service that is available when needed for what is needed.


  • seed germ Prairie Plains Agro has developed relationships with seed quality testing labs across the province. To simplify the process, seed samples can be dropped off at the retail site for lab submission. Following analysis and seed quality evaluation, Prairie Plains would be pleased to discuss the results and determine the most effective seed treatment to maximize seed quality.



    seed germ

  • In addition to providing traditional soil sampling and nutrient measurement through chemical extraction, Prairie Plains Agro is proud to be part of the WesternAg  Professional Agronomy Network using the PRS™ probe technology to simulate plant root uptake of nutrients.

    markersThis patented, internationally recognized method of providing customized nutrient recommendations uses PRS™ ion exchange probes placed in soil from an individual field. The probes absorb nutrients from the soil the same way a root does, bio-mimicking nutrient absorption by plant roots. Because PRS™ probes are exposed to everything that would affect nutrient supply to the plant, the testing reflects actual field conditions and nutrient availability.

    Developed in 1992 by Dr. Jeff Schoenau (University of Saskatchewan), internationally recognized for his contributions to the fields of soil fertility and plant nutrition, and commercialized by Western Ag, this method of analyzing soil nutrient supply has been used by thousands of research scientists around the world to gauge soil nutrient supply.

    Inputting the nutrient availability as measured by the probes, a customized PRS CropCast™ for each field is produced by comparing various crop options and varying fertilizer additions.

    Click on for detailed information, including a video link outlining the process.


  • weigh wagonWeigh Wagon: Both Prairie Plains Agro and customer initiated evaluation of new products and production systems determines if there is a benefit for local growers.  Measuring the yield of these trials is an important component of the evaluation and Prairie Plains Agro is eager to lend the use of their modern weigh wagon to supplement grower’s on-farm scales and harvest monitors.

  • Well in advance of spring seeding a detailed crop management plan is discussed. This involves crop selection and anticipated crop protection products needed for the coming season. New products, specific pests (weeds, insects, disease), rotations and past experience all factor into a formal plan for the coming season. Although there may be reason to alter the plan once the growing season is underway, the advance plan ensures product is in place well before it is needed and timely application follows.

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