Prairie Plains Agro partners with the leading seed suppliers in providing high quality and locally proven varieties of canola, soybean and forage seed.

  • canola-seedBoth InVigor and Genuity Brand canola varieties continue to perform well in the local area. Based on customer experience and on-farm evaluation, Prairie Plains Agro can provide you with the top performing local varieties.

  • Soybean-Sign-SeedsAlthough tried off and on for a few years, local experience growing newer soybean varieties is limited to the past 2-3 years. Maturity and yield potential play a critical role in variety selection. Through networking with dealer associates, researchers and industry personnel, Prairie Plains Agro offers seed of soybean varieties that combine maturity and yield characteristics adapted for the local area.

  • forrageCustomized forage blends can be designed and delivered within days. Fitting a stocked blend to a farm operation is a compromise, designing a blend to fit the needs of an individual operation is the route to go.

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