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JTL Grain Bin

Prairie Plains Agro is excited to introduce the JTL grain and fertilizer bin line to Moose Jaw and area. The superior bin and hopper quality, the unique air distribution system and cost competitiveness caught our attention. As well, with JTL being a local independent Saskatchewan manufacturer, their philosophy aligns with ours.

JTL corrugated bins range in size from 18’ to 24’ diameter with size ranging from 5,700 to 12,000 bushels. The patented “Force” hopper incorporates the legs and skid into the aeration system so no inside tubing or duct work is needed. JTL contracts Sioux Steel Company (South Dakota) as the provider of the corrugated wall rings and continuous ringed bin roof. Extra heavy steel means no stiffeners are required and bins come with a 10 year warranty. The stability from the extra wide 28” bin base means a cement base is not required.

Smooth walled grain and fertilizer bins are also available. Grain bins incorporate the same air system with a stable 20” x ¼” skid and are finished with a polyurethane coating. Both 16’ and 18’ diameter bins are available ranging in size from a 20’ to 30’ sidewall.

Force Line Bin Agriculture Fertilizer

Fertilizer bins are available in the same size range as the smooth walled grain bins but do not incorporate the air system. These bins are welded inside and out, exceeding current industry standards with 10 gauge steel used throughout. Each bin is sandblasted prior to application of an epoxy coating, resulting in a finish that can withstand years of harsh fertilizer storage without peeling and rusting.

JTL bins

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