Crop Protection

New actives, new combinations of old actives, new to Western Canada products, generics ........... the selection gets a bit blurred and confusing when selecting pest control products. As an independent agricultural retail, Prairie Plains Agro has no vested interest in promoting a particular line of products or specific manufacturer. But Prairie Plains Agro does have a vested interest in ensuring the pest that needs to be controlled is controlled while providing a good return on crop input investment without sacrificing good, sound agronomy. Prairie Plains Agro partners with a number of manufacturers to ensure customers have access to all pesticide products.

  • HerbicideWeed presence and management can be very specific to a local area. Crops grown, crop rotation, herbicide resistance and application timing are but a few of the considerations in choosing a herbicide. A thorough crop planning discussion results in a weed management plan well in advance of the growing season based on local experience and field proven chemistry.

  • FungicideOver the last 10 years fungicide use has moved from a bit of a novelty to a major component of a plant health program. Disease identification and forecasting, product selection, application and potential impact of specific diseases all have to be considered when applying fungicides to protect yield and quality.

  • Seed TreatmentDisease and insect control with seed treatment products gives the crop the best chance of getting off to a good, healthy start. Prairie Plains Agro is a licensed keg filling retailer which can help save customer’s valuable time at a very busy time of year. With access to all major seed treatment products, and knowledge of the impact and presence of specific seed disease and insect concerns, customers can be assured they have done their part to promote rapid emergence and early season health.

  • green-wheatWheat midge, cabbage seedpod weevil, grasshoppers, wireworm, cutworm, aphids, bertha armyworm, diamondback moth and flea beetles have all been occasional pests of local crops and warranted control measures to protect yield. Not every year and not every field but when needed, insecticides become a very important crop protection tool.

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