Crop Nutrition

Prairie Plains Agro Crop NutritionWith the addition of a full service, high throughput fertilizer facility, Prairie Plains Agro can now combine the agronomic service of crop nutrition planning with quality fertilizer products. Seeded acres, field conditions, crop type, seeding/fertilizer equipment, fertilizer storage, farm labour and logistics are all factors that influence fertilization practices on an annual basis. Add to this complexity the fact that fertilizer can account for 30-40% of a growers variable costs each year and it becomes very important for a crop advisor to understand their customer’s needs, and for a customer to have a trusted partner to help make informed decisions regarding fertilizer agronomy.

Prairie Plains Agro will take the time to discuss your fertilizer needs and design a plan that fits your operation. Prairie Plains Agro can access fertilizer technologies that can improve fertilizer storage and handling and increase nutrient use efficiencies according to a farm’s equipment, timing and placement of fertilizer.

Prairie Plains Agro is supportive of the 4-R nutrient stewardship program, which helps a grower achieve the most sustainable fertilization practice possible from both an environmental and economic perspective.

  • Right Rate – Soil nutrient analysis through Western Ag – PRS™ probe technology.
  • Right Time – Understand the efficiency of applying fertilizer at different times.
  • Right Placement – Understand the efficiency of applying fertilizer at different placements.
  • Right Source – Offer innovative products that complement the rate, time and placement of fertilizer on your farm.

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